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New journal "Catalysis for Sustainable Energy" will publish a full mix of primary articles, communications and reviews.

5 марта 2012

Catalysis for Sustainable Energy is a new multidisciplinary journal focusing on the fundamental science and engineering aspects of catalysis for sustainable energy. The journal scope includes various aspects of catalysis, such as design of catalysts, their characterization, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, deactivation/regeneration, design of fuel cells and reactors, estimation of process parameters, their modelling and optimization. The primary mission of the journal is to become the central publication venue for all members of the research community in the field of catalysis for hydrogen energy/renewable energy.

Catalysis for Sustainable Energy will publish a full mix of primary articles, communications and reviews.

Readership of the journal includes academic and industrial chemists working in the field of catalysis in fuel cells (PEMC, SOFC) and in hydrogen energy in general; catalysis in production of syngas, hydrogen and biofuels (biodiesel and green diesel production, upgrading of fats and oils from renewable sources; catalytic upgrading of glycerol; conversion of biomass derived carbohydrates to fuels, catalysis in depolymerization of lignin; catalytic pyrolysis of biomass; catalytic upgrading of bio-oil: biomass gasification in the presence of catalysts; BTL; production of renewable hydrogen; catalytic transformation of CO2 to fuels, as well as other relevant to catalysis for sustainable energy topics).

The high quality of Catalysis for Sustainable Energy will be ensured through editors Professors Dmitry Murzin (Finland), responsible for submissions from Europe and Americas, and Vladislav Sadykov (Russia), responsible for submissions from Asia, Russia and the rest of the world. Highly reputed experts in catalysis (D. A. G. Aranda, Brazil; A. Smirnova, USA, V. Cortйs Corberбn, Spain; J. A. Dumesic, USA; A. Fukuoka, Japan; J. T.S. Irvine, UK; A. Lemonidou, Greece; V. V. Lunin, Russia; W. Shen, China; J. Sung Lee, South Korea), who were selected according to their field of research and who play a key role in defining the content of the journal complete the editorial advisory board.

We hope that you will consider this journal as essential reading for keeping up-to-date with the latest exciting developments in all fields of catalysis for sustainable energy. We look forward to publishing your contributions in this area in the very near future.

The journal webpage

Submission to Catalysis for Sustainable Energy

Please submit your manuscripts to Catalysis for Sustainable Energy via email to
Dmitry Yu. Murzin (Western Europe, USA, Canada) dmurzin@versita.com or
Vladislav A. Sadykov (Eastern Europe, Asia) vsadykov@versita.com

The first two years publication in Journal is free , no payment for open access!

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