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International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry - Delhi, February 20-24, 2012

1 июня 2011

First IISFC - Delhi, February 20-24, 2012
International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry - India


Local Committee Chair
Dr. Rahul Saxena- Chairman- (rahul.saxena@srf.com)
Mob. : +91-9910303416

National Committee

Dr. J S Yadav - Chairman (yadav@iict.res.in)
Mob. : +91-9440802800

Mr. Rajdeep Anand - Co-Chairman-(rajdeep.anand@srf.com) Mob. : +91-9810096665

International Advisory Board (IAB)

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri - Chairman (dr.meshri@fluoridearc.com)
Mob. : +1-918-691-6789

Dr. Alain Tressaud - Co-Chairman (tressaud@icmcbbordeaux.cnrs.fr)
Mob. : +33-666849833

Introduction :
The 1st Indian International Symposium on Fluorine chemistry is scheduled in India. It will be held on February 20-24 at NDCC, New Delhi. The conference will feature versatility of fluorine in the areas of organic, inorganic and medical research.

Scientific Scope
The objective of this conference is to create a milieu where the various members of the National and International scientific community engaged in the research of Fluorine Chemistry can come together and share their learning on a common platform, in the areas of Organic, Inorganic, Bio-Fluorine and Material Science. In particular, the impact of fluorine and fluoride products in our daily life via Medicine, Health, Energy, New Technologies, Environment & Sustainable Development.

Date and Venue
The 1st IISFC will be held on February 20-24, 2012 at New Delhi, India.
The scientific sessions would be held at convention centre located in New Delhi City Centre (NDCC), cannaught place. It has the world class auditorium equipped with digitally-controlled speakers and projection facilities.

The official language of the conference is English.

The registration fee has not been fixed and will be communicated later.
More detailed information will be available in the second circular It will be arriving in your mailbox within 3-4 weeks.

Social Programme :
An attractive social programme has been planned, in which arrangements will be made for assisting interesting participants to enjoy the historic cities viz. Delhi (Famous for Red Fort and Qutab Minar-72.5 m high, built in 1198, the world's tallest free-standing brick minaret) and Agra (known for Taj Mahal - one of the architect wonder of the world) on 22nd and 23rd February.


1. Prof. C.N.R. Rao, CASR, Bangalore, India: “Introductive lecture”
2. V.M. Buznik, Chernogolovka, RAS, Russia
3. K. Christe, USC, Los Angeles, USA Muenster, Germany
4. G. Haufe, Muenster, Germany
5. N. Laptash, Vladivostok, Russia
6. V. Mitkin, Novosibirsk, Russia
7. T. Nakajima, AIT, Toyota, Japan
8. H. Roesky, Gцttingen, Germany
9. G. Schrobilgen, McMaster, Canada
10. T.Taguchi, Tokyo Univ., Japan
11.A. Tressaud, CNRS,Bordeaux, France
12. Yu. Yagupolskii, Kyev, Ukraine
13. T. Yamazaki, Tokyo, Japan
14. B. Zemva, Ljubljana, Slovenia
15. P. Shanthan Rao IICT, India
16. O. D. Gupta Rajasthan University, India
17. R.V.Swamy SRF, India

InternationalAdvisory Board

DB. Ameduri bruno.ameduri@enscm.fr Montpellier France
K. Christe kchriste@usc.edu USC, Los Angeles USA
Ms. V. Gouverneur veronique.gouverneur@chem.ox.ac.uk Oxford UK
Rajdeep Anand rajdeep.anand@srf.com Delhi India
J. S Yadav yadav@iict.res.in IICT, Hyderabad India
A. Kharitonov hariton@binep.ac.ru Chernogolovka Russia
Y.S. Lee youngslee@cnu.ac.kr Daejeon S-Korea
D. Meshri dr.meshri@fluoridearc.com ARC USA
V. Mitkin mit@che.nsk.su/ Novosibirsk Russia
Rahul Saxena rahul.saxena@srf.com Gurgaon India
O. Boltalina olga.boltalina@colostate.edu Colorado USA
S. Prakash gprakash@usc.edu USC, Los Angeles USA
F.L. Qing flq@mail.sioc.ac.cn Shanghai China
J. Rabai rabai@elte.hu Budapest Hungary
P.V. Ramachandran chandran@purdue.edu Purdue USA
G. Resnati giuseppe.resnati@polimi.it Milano Italy
H. Roesky hroesky@gwdg.de Gцttingen Germany
S. Rozen rozens@post.tau.ac.il Tel Aviv Israel
G. Schrobilgen schrobil@mcmaster.ca McMaster Canada
TakeoTaguchi taguchi@ps.toyaku.ac.jp Tokyo Univ. Japan
J. Thrasher fluorine@bama.ua.edu Alabama USA
A. Tressaud, Co-Chairman tressaud@icmcb-bordeaux.cnrs.fr CNRS,Bordeaux France
Yu. Yagupolskii yagupolskii@ioch.kiev.ua Kyev Ukraine
T. Yamazaki tyamazak@cc.tuat.ac.jp Tokyo Japan
B. Zemva boris.zemva@ijs.si Ljubljana Slovenia

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