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The Workshop on Specific methods for food safety and quality

11 мая 2010

10th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry
Satelite Event
Organized by The Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia and Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences
21 September 2010
Vinča - B E L G R A D E

The Workshop SPECIFIC METHODS FOR FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY is organized as the pre event to PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 2010 in Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences to bring together scientists from all domains of food quality control in order to exchange their expertise, to improve scientific co-operation and to introduce the specific methods for food quality control into the Serbian market.

Scientific program

The Workshop will include lectures delivered by invited foreign and national scientists, as well as oral and poster presentations. The following tentative topics will be covered during the Workshop:

  1. An overview of specific methods in food quality control
  2. Food quality and safety – Advances in Analytical Techniques for toxin monitoring in food
  3. Food quality and safety – Framework of European Regulation System
  4. Experience of young scientists

Invited lectures:

  1. Nives Ogrinc (SLO), Stable isotope ratio for authentification and geographical origin of food
  2. Danila Moscone (ITA), Biosensors and bioassays based on cholinesterase inhibition for pesticides, nerve agents and aflatoxins detection
  3. Polonca Trebše (SLO), Persistence and toxicity of pesticide's degradation products
  4. Mila Lausević (SRB), Trace analysis of pesticides and pharmaceuticals in water using HPLC-MS/MS
  5. Miroslav Vrvić, Gordana Gojgić-Cvijović (SRB), Food analysis: Among routine and science
  6. Giulietta Smulevich (ITA), Development and validation of a rapid spectroscopic method to detect the fraudulent treatment of tuna fish with carbon monoxide
  7. Gordana Joksić (SRB), Protective effects of food constituents on age related diseases - ongoing FP7 Project FuncFood
  8. Mladen Franko (SLO), Novel highly sensitive and rapid bioanalytical assays for food safety
  9. Biljana Škrbić (SRB), Formation of centre of excellence in food safety and emerging risks
  10. Smiljana Raičević (SRB), Pesticide residues analysis in foods of plant origin – demands and results of export/import control
  11. Jasna Mastilović (SRB), Development and possibilities of application of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in food quality control

The detailed information of available hotels near the Conference venue are: http://www.hoteli-srbije.co.rs/beograd.htm

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