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Physical chemistry 2010

25 декабря 2009

10th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry
Dedicated to academician Pavle Savić 100th birthday anniversary and 20th anniversary of Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia

21-24 September 2010

Aim of the Conference

The 10th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry "PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 2010" is organized to bring together scientists from all domains of Physical Chemistry in order to exchange their recent experience and achievements, and to improve scientific co-operation.

Scientific program

The Conference will include plenary and section lectures delivered by invited foreign and national scientists, as well as oral and poster presentations. The following tentative topics will be covered during the Conference:

A. Chemical Thermodynamics
B. Spectroscopy,Molecular Structure,Physical Chemistry of Plasma
C. Kinetics, Catalysis
D. Nonlinear Dynamics
E. Electrochemistry
F. Biophysical Chemistry,Photochemistry,Radiation Chemistry
G. Radiochemistry,Nuclear Chemistry
H. Material Science
I. Solid State Physical Chemistry
J. Macromolecular Physical Chemistry
K. Environmental Protection,Forensic Sciences,Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
L. Phase Boundaries
M. Complex Compounds
N. General Physical Chemistry
P. Education

The papers should be submitted electronically by e-mail before May 31, 2010.

Additional Information

More detailed information on the invited lectures and on the final form of articles for the Conference Proceedings, conference fees, hotel accommodation etc. will be given in the Second Circular. It will be dispatched to those who send back the enclosed First Circular. Correspondence
For Prelinimary Registration
For Final registration

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